Re: NetworkManager integrated with ModemManager

On Mon, Feb 9, 2009 at 15:14, Darren Albers <dalbers gmail com> wrote:
>> With ModemManager will the workarounds have to be done in the code or
>> is there some method that an end-user can drop chat script in to
>> ModemManager?   For example I have a Blackberry that I tether using
>> Barry and it has a non-standard method of creating a serial port.   I
>> would like to help get this working but I am not much of a developer.

The workarounds are implemented in ModemManager as plugins in C. I
find it hilarious how people miss having to know AT commands by heart
and to be required to enter them to get their modem connected. I
understand it could be the only way to get your modem connected, but
that problem should be fixed by developers, not by users. Sort of the
point of whole NM, to make things just work.

All that said...  I've been planning to write a ModemManager plugin
that does exactly that, but not to torture people, but to make it
easier for them to contribute back - if we can see which commands are
required for certain modem, we can do that in ModemManager.

> Ahh I think I see now, so we would need to write an interface to
> something like wvdial or even direct to Barry for this to work?

While it's possible to use anything (like wvdial, barry), it usually
doesn't make much sense (other than for testing). There can be exactly
one DBus service that provides ModemManager API so the distro can not
ship the hack which only works with your modem (so you'll never have
an works-out-of-box solution).

I guess what you're really asking for, is Bluetooth support and that's
still missing.


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