RE: How to setup NM VPN ?

On Fri, 2009-02-13 at 15:19 -0300, Miguel Rozsas wrote:
> > 
> > This could be a problem with pppd. What version are you using?
> > ppp-2.4.5 is known to fix some DNS/WINS issues.
> > 
> On Fedora 10 the current is  2.4.4-8.
> The last development version  I was able to find is 2.4.4-9 for fedora
> 11 on
> I think I will have to wait until 2.4.5 be released to fedora.

Yeah; I think rawhide has 2.4.4; there's an open bug on backporting the
patches to F10 and F9.


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