RE: How to setup NM VPN ?

> Ideally you wouldn't have to do that, we just need to do some work in
> the NM-openvpn configuration dialog to detect that a PKCS#12 certificate
> has been loaded, and disable the other certificate options since the
> PKCS#12 file contains all 3 required things.
Yes. One big problem with this setup is there is no more need to type a pass-phrase to open the PKCS file anymore, and now, anyone which has access to this laptop could connect our VPN - no passwords are required !

> > and I had to setup the DNS by hand. NM did not updated the nameservers
> > as informed by SW, using the defaults on IPV4 Settings tab. I had to
> > change to "Automatic (VPN) addresses only to enable the DNS servers
> > text field and I put the internal DNS servers for this VPN connection.
> > The default router and IP address were set just fine.
> DNS needs to be set up correctly on the OpenVPN server, which usually
> gets passed through to the openvpn client using the "foreign-option"
> environment variable.
> If you've got a bit of time, could you dump the environment that openvpn
> calls the helper script with so I can fix this bug? Basically the
> following:

I am sorry for this. My mistake. I did what you told me and I could see in the "foreign-option" line what I did wrong. I used the char ":" as separator for the 2 dns server on SW/Zerina setup and it is not allowed ! (I didn't figure out yet what is the right separator but for sure it is not ":") - I removed the second dns server from SW/Zerina config page and NM-openvpn wrote a new /etc/resolv.conf as expected.

But, I had another NM issue related with DNS, not VPN. I hope you could help me to debug and to fix this too:
Only when I connect to the internet using a GSM connection (USB modem Huawei E226) to out local GSM Internet provider (Claro), NM auto-detects and auto-configure the GSM conection and it conects with no problem, BUT the DNS servers are set wrong. This provider sends 2 WINS servers and 3 DNS servers; The problem is NM use the WINS ip server as DNS server ! After the connection is estableshed I have to fix /etc/resolv.conf by hand.
I known it is a WINS server because on Windows I can see that IP as WINS server.
May be do you have a trick to get the environment for that GSM connection and we can see exactly what is happening, do you ?


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