Re: Default domain with VPN

On Thu, 2009-02-05 at 20:01 +0000, Rick Jones wrote:
> When I connect to the LAN (wired or WiFi) the default domain is
> written into resolv.conf so unqualified local hostnames work - all as
> expected.
> But this doesn't happen when connecting to the same LAN over a VPN
> (pptp). I still get the same machine as DNS server and default
> gateway, but no default domain name. As a result, things that are set
> up and work on the LAN don't work over a VPN, unless they are all
> reconfigured to use FQDN host names - which is a PITA.

You mean that the LAN has a PPtP VPN server, and you're out somewhere
connecting back to the LAN via a PPTP connection?

AFAIK, PPTP doesn't have the ability to send a domain name back to the
VPN client, thus NM can't find out what it should be.  I'd say you
should set the "Searches" field in the connection editor, but it looks
like you can't do that and retain the automatic DNS servers at the same
time.  I'll fix that.


> Using a Windows client to the same VPN allows unqualified names. I
> realise that Windows uses netbios lookup for most stuff, but even
> explicit DNS lookup of unqualified names works OK in Windows, so I
> don't think it's the PPTP server.
> Is this a bug in NM, or am I missing a piece of the jigsaw somewhere?
> Rick Jones 
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