Default domain with VPN

When I connect to the LAN (wired or WiFi) the default domain is written into resolv.conf so unqualified local hostnames work - all as expected.

But this doesn't happen when connecting to the same LAN over a VPN (pptp). I still get the same machine as DNS server and default gateway, but no default domain name. As a result, things that are set up and work on the LAN don't work over a VPN, unless they are all reconfigured to use FQDN host names - which is a PITA.

Using a Windows client to the same VPN allows unqualified names. I realise that Windows uses netbios lookup for most stuff, but even explicit DNS lookup of unqualified names works OK in Windows, so I don't think it's the PPTP server.

Is this a bug in NM, or am I missing a piece of the jigsaw somewhere?

Rick Jones

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