Priority of network adapters

Hi everyone,

I see one annoying for me bahaviour of NM in my IBM T41 laptop. When I
start the machine ( cold or from hibernate ) with eth cable connected
and built-in wifi enabled NM chooses wifi connection first. Despite the
higher speed link exists ie eth0 to connect to. I have to manually
switch the connection to eth0 through NM applet.

More, it switches to wifi correctly when I disconnect eth cable, but
doesn't switch back to eth connection when i connect back the cable.

Am I missing something in configuration or is it bug?

Is it possible to arbitrary set priority of NICs the NetworkManager

I use Fedora 10 now, but the same problem existed in previous Fedoras (
7,8,9) I used. Selinux is enabled but disbling it doesn't have any
imapct on this NM behavior

Best regards


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