Cannot reconnect to a VPN after cancelling or entering incorrect passwords

Hi All,Dan

I have a VPN. When I connect to that VPN through NetworkManager, there is
a prompt dialog asking for Password and Group Password. If I enter passwords
correctly, it can connect just fine, but if I enter incorrect passwords or I
dont enter the passwords and close the dialog, from now on, I cannot connection
to the VPN any more witht the error message "The VPN connection 'XXX' failed
because the VPN service stopped unexpectedly"

If I will Boot Up system a prompt dialog again ask for Password and Group Password.The region
I think At first time it Save incorrect and correct Password for that session.

Is this Network Manager Bug or Network Manager-vpnc plugin Bug.?

What are the changes I need to Do If Each time i want to prompt Dialog asking for Password
and group Password on My System if password enter my User is Correct or Incorrect each and every

Which Module Would be Reponsible for this Behaviour change.

Any Pointer On this Would be appreciable.

Thanks & Regards
sanjeev sharma

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