Re: Priority of network adapters

On Wed, 2009-02-04 at 11:15 +0100, marcin.wolyniak wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I see one annoying for me bahaviour of NM in my IBM T41 laptop. When I
> start the machine ( cold or from hibernate ) with eth cable connected
> and built-in wifi enabled NM chooses wifi connection first. Despite the
> higher speed link exists ie eth0 to connect to. I have to manually
> switch the connection to eth0 through NM applet.

NM 0.6 or NM 0.7?  Both should be choosing the wired connection as the
default as long as the DHCP server is returning a gateway, or as long as
you've set a gateway manually if you're using static IP on the ethernet.

Can you post some logs from /var/log/messages so we can figure out what
NM thinks it's doing?  What specific NM RPM version is this with?

> More, it switches to wifi correctly when I disconnect eth cable, but
> doesn't switch back to eth connection when i connect back the cable.
> Am I missing something in configuration or is it bug?

Likely a bug.

> Is it possible to arbitrary set priority of NICs the NetworkManager
> uses?

No, because that's not usually needed as long as there aren't any
bugs :)

> I use Fedora 10 now, but the same problem existed in previous Fedoras (
> 7,8,9) I used. Selinux is enabled but disbling it doesn't have any
> imapct on this NM behavior

If you like, you can send /var/log/messages to me privately if you're
concerned about something in the logs you'd rather not have public.


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