Re: wireless networking no longer works.

On Sun, 2009-02-01 at 14:47 -0600, Tom Bourke wrote:
> Hello all.  I have had fedora 10 installed on my laptop for some time
> and networking had been good.  The network would even survive suspend
> and hibernate.  Last week did a full reinstall of fedora 10 on 2
> identical laptops.  Acer Aspire 3680-2633.  Atheros Communications Inc.
> AR2413 802.11bg.  Every thing worked fine. Including wls network.

What kernel version?  What's the output of "/sbin/lsmod | grep ath5k"
and "/sbin/lsmod | grep ath9k" ?  It sounds a lot like flaky drivers.

When you run into the problem of not being able to see networks you know
are present, drop to a command-line and as root, run "iwlist wlan0
scan".  Does the network show up there?  If it reports "No scan results
available", the driver has a bug.  If your AP doesn't show up, try
"iwlist wlan0 scan" again.  If the AP *still* doesn't show up, there's
probably a driver bug.


> Wife takes one to a hotel, I take other to a friends house.  Neither of
> us can see wls networks.  Get home, ours do not show at all.  Set up an
> extra AP with no security and broadcast SSID.  Nothing shows.  Multiple
> reboots, and restarts of NM.  After one NM restart I got LOTS of selinux
> errors so I disabled it and restarted NM again and I could see networks
> again but could not stay connected for more than a sec or two.  Had
> SElinux do a system wide relable at boot and also booted into windows XP
> at the same time to check the card and AP.  Worked good. reboot into
> Linux and I am able to use the wls again on my laptop.
> I did the SElinux re-lable on the wife's laptop and now it can scan and
> see AP's.  However it can not connect.  I can not boot into win XP to
> "fix" the card. (I use to have to do this under fedora 9 and lower if
> the laptop went to suspend, reboot would not do it)
> iwlist shows the correct (open) AP but NM and firefox both show off
> line.  I have looked on google and here but I have not found any
> workable solutions.  Any one have an idea?
> It HAS to work at home.  It also needs to work for my wife if she is
> away from home, she loves using Linux but can not trouble shoot it,
> thats what I am for.  Thank you for your time.

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