Re: Mobile Broadband - disconnect after 2 mins.

Thanks for the reply, Dan.  I didn't see these replies until after I
submitted comments on the bug report.

In those comments I gave you the appropriate syslog entries showing
that pppd logged four unsuccessful LCP echo requests and terminates
the connection after 2.5 minutes.  Boooo!

Your work towards overriding pppd's default options looks like it
should do the trick.


Gilbert Mendoza
PGP: 0x075DBCA9
Email: gmendoza at

On Thu, Oct 23, 2008 at 10:48 AM, Dan Williams <dcbw redhat com> wrote:
> So the pppd defaults appear to be to ignore LCP echos.  If the box in
> the connection editor is unchecked, NM will _not_ send lcp-echo-interval
> or lcp-echo-failure to pppd.
> However, if those options were specified in /etc/ppp/options at all, it
> appears that pppd will read that file no matter what, and thus you'll
> get lcp echos turned on even if NM didn't tell pppd to turn them on.
> I will modify NetworkManager to always pass lcp-echo-interval and
> lcp-echo-failure as "0" whenever the box is unchecked in the connection
> editor, to ensure that /etc/ppp/options gets overridden, and that people
> don't get whiplash from stupid pppd config hierarchy...

>> 2. Nothing overrides the default PPP (LCP) echo options, so even
>> though the UI says off, if the default is on, echos are still sent.
> And this is of course the real issue.  Thanks pppd!
> Dan

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