Re: Mobile Broadband - disconnect after 2 mins.

I just submitted this bug, which was noted as resolved... but I can
confirm that the problem still exists.

I had been testing NM from PPA for Ubuntu Hardy... and now I'm testing
NM 0.7.0 included in Ubuntu Intrepid, and I still see the same
behavior.  The CDMA connection does not have the "Send ppp echo
packets" checked... which was explained to me as LCP echo.

In the bug report, I also noted a work around, which is to disable LCP
echo requests and interval setting in the global PPP options file:


lcp-echo-interval 0
lcp-echo-failure 0

This resolves the issue for me.  Perhaps you can also comment on the bug report.

Gilbert Mendoza
PGP: 0x075DBCA9
Email: gmendoza at

On Wed, Oct 22, 2008 at 10:18 AM, Rick Jones <rick activeservice co uk> wrote:
> Having hacked a binary patch into NM (just for the init string) so my Palm
> modem will connect, I now find that it systematically disconnects after
> exactly 2 minutes.
> In the log, the modem state suddenly goes from 8 -> 7, and then everything
> unwinds. It makes no difference whether the connection is idle or busy,
> after 2 mins. it's gone
> I know this modem has a problem with LCP echo - when testing it with pppd I
> had to explicitly turn LCP echo off otherwise it complained that it received
> its own echo requests. However, with echo off it will stay connected
> indefinitely using pppd.
> What does NM do with LCP echo? I notice there is an option in the config
> dialog for PPP echo (is that the same thing?), but that it won't stick so I
> guess it's unimplemented.
> Any ideas on the timeout disconnect?
> Rick
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