Mobile Broadband - disconnect after 2 mins.

Having hacked a binary patch into NM (just for the init string) so my Palm modem will connect, I now find that it systematically disconnects after exactly 2 minutes.

In the log, the modem state suddenly goes from 8 -> 7, and then everything unwinds. It makes no difference whether the connection is idle or busy, after 2 mins. it's gone

I know this modem has a problem with LCP echo - when testing it with pppd I had to explicitly turn LCP echo off otherwise it complained that it received its own echo requests. However, with echo off it will stay connected indefinitely using pppd.

What does NM do with LCP echo? I notice there is an option in the config dialog for PPP echo (is that the same thing?), but that it won't stick so I guess it's unimplemented.

Any ideas on the timeout disconnect?


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