Re: Mobile Broadband - disconnect after 2 mins.

--On Wednesday, October 22, 2008 13:48:21 -0700 Gilbert Mendoza <gmendoza gmail com> wrote:
The CDMA connection does not have the "Send ppp echo
¦ packets" checked... which was explained to me as LCP echo.
¦ In the bug report, I also noted a work around, which is to disable LCP
¦ echo requests and interval setting in the global PPP options file:
¦ /etc/ppp/options:
¦ lcp-echo-interval 0
¦ lcp-echo-failure 0

Yes, well spotted! Thanks, I'd forgotten about default ppp options, that tweak works for me too. So the problem is 2-fold:

1. The "PPP echo" option in the UI is not implemented, and stays off.
2. Nothing overrides the default PPP (LCP) echo options, so even though the UI says off, if the default is on, echos are still sent.

Is it a common feature of broadband modems not to handle LCP echo properly? I guess it's not really needed anyway.


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