Re: stupid question - duplicated list ?

>On Tue, 2008-10-21 at 19:43 -0400, Andrew wrote:
>> this may have been addressed before, but my googling has been fruitless.
>> Why does the dropdown list from nm-applet have all the available networks 
>duplicated? (first the list, then its copy?)  
>What NM RPM version?
>If you have multiple access points with the same SSID, but with
>different bands, security options, or modes, you'll get duplicate
>entries because they are separate APs.  So for example, if you have
>'foobar' in the b/g band and "foobar" in the a-band, you'll see both
>APs.  In the future we should actually show what's different about them
>in the menu.

In my case it is unequivocal duplication of EVERYTHING, always.  Two identical lists. And I don't think i've ever been in the midst of multiple distinct AP's whose names coincide.

But EVERY single time i've used NM, on many distinct hardware systems ((although with the same exact OS, thus far: Fedora 9 -- i've installed lots of F9's lately), I got/get the duplication.  I almost started thinking it was the intended norm.

Most of the systems have the out-of-the-box F9 NM version ; i have yum-updated a few.  One I am looking at at the moment has 
0.7.0-14.svn3675, with the *-glib and *gnome packages the same version, exceping the *-openvpn, which is *svn3632

On a different system, as you know, I've built NM and nm-applet from source (with your latest alterations).  Same exact manifestation with this home-built, hacked version. I see Two identical lists, one below the other. Each has the grayed header "Wireless Networks (Belkin AR2413 802.11bg NIC)"

BTW, is there a command-line option for NM to print its version? The svn snapshot i compiled was from around September 28.

Could the duplication be a Fedora thing, i wonder?
I *did* search the site but didn't find any solutions (and googled all around, for that matter)

thanks again.

>What's your network situation like?
>> I have installed/upgraded to about 10 diffent Fedora 9 systems, and in every 
>one I had the duplication phenomenon.
>> How does one get rid of the duplicate?

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