Re: stupid question - duplicated list ?

On Tue, 2008-10-21 at 19:43 -0400, Andrew wrote:
> this may have been addressed before, but my googling has been fruitless.
> Why does the dropdown list from nm-applet have all the available networks duplicated? (first the list, then its copy?)  

What NM RPM version?

If you have multiple access points with the same SSID, but with
different bands, security options, or modes, you'll get duplicate
entries because they are separate APs.  So for example, if you have
'foobar' in the b/g band and "foobar" in the a-band, you'll see both
APs.  In the future we should actually show what's different about them
in the menu.

What's your network situation like?


> I have installed/upgraded to about 10 diffent Fedora 9 systems, and in every one I had the duplication phenomenon.
> How does one get rid of the duplicate?
> thanks
> andrew
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