Re: Mobile Broadband - how do I trace/debug the modem initialisation?

On Tue, Oct 21, 2008 at 11:17 AM, Craig Main <cmain fnb co za> wrote:
> atz
> ATE1 V1 X4 &C1 +FCLASS=0
> OK
> ATZ E0 V1

Ah, so it is the reset command, thank you. We've been trying to avoid
workarounds for different modems to NetworkManager so unfortunately
for now, you'll need to change the init string in the code and
recompile NM. I am working on another code base which has plugins
(sort of drivers) to allow special handling of non-standard modems.
I'd like to add support for your modem, can you please send me the
output of 'lshal' (either privately or to list)?


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