Re: Mobile Broadband - how do I trace/debug the modem initialisation?

On Mon, 2008-10-20 at 13:26 -0400, Dan Williams wrote:
On Mon, 2008-10-20 at 17:55 +0300, Tambet Ingo wrote:
> On Sat, Oct 18, 2008 at 2:59 PM, Rick Jones <rick activeservice co uk> wrote:
> > Where are the actual dialling protocol exchanges defined - are they
> > hard-coded? Not being able to script this bit of the connection seems to be
> > problematic, compared to pppd. I'd really like to move to NM instead of
> > messing with pppd, pon, poff etc. but I can't get past the first hurdle :(
> If you have recent enough NM (r4155 or newer), you can turn on serial
> debug with NM_SERIAL_DEBUG environment variable. The AT commands are
> hard coded and there are no plans to leave it to users to figure out.

I actually converted NM_SERIAL_DEBUG into an environment variable about
2 weeks ago or something.  No longer need to ask uses to rebuild, but
can simply

NM_SERIAL_DEBUG=1 /usr/sbin/NetworkManager --no-daemon

and have them test out and report results.



I am having a similar issue on my Dell Latitude E6500 which has a Broadcom 5530 buildin hsdpa minicard. This device gives an ERROR when sent an ATZ command. Using a chat script or wvdial with a cusomized wvdial.conf file which leaves out the ATZ command, the modem works flawlessly. When using NetworkManager however it does not. Here is the trace from NetworkManager DEBUG:

NetworkManager: <info>  Activation (ttyACM0) starting connection 'Vodacom'
NetworkManager: <info>  (ttyACM0): device state change: 3 -> 4
NetworkManager: <info>  Activation (ttyACM0) Stage 1 of 5 (Device Prepare) scheduled...
NetworkManager: <info>  Activation (ttyACM0) Stage 1 of 5 (Device Prepare) started...
NetworkManager: <debug> [1224572376.061516] nm_serial_device_open(): (ttyACM0) opening device...
NetworkManager: <info>  Activation (ttyACM0) Stage 1 of 5 (Device Prepare) complete.
NetworkManager: <debug> [1224572376.169089] nm_serial_debug(): Sending: 'ATZ E0 V1 X4 &C1 +FCLASS=0
NetworkManager: <debug> [1224572376.196931] nm_serial_debug(): Got: 'ATZ E0 V1 X4 &C1 +FCLASS=0
NetworkManager: <debug> [1224572376.246578] nm_serial_debug(): Got: 'ATZ E0 V1 X4 &C1 +FCLASS=0


NetworkManager: <WARN>  init_done(): Modem initialization failed
NetworkManager: <info>  (ttyACM0): device state change: 4 -> 9
NetworkManager: <debug> [1224572376.247018] nm_serial_device_close(): Closing device 'ttyACM0'
NetworkManager: <info>  Marking connection 'Vodacom' invalid.
NetworkManager: <info>  Activation (ttyACM0) failed.
NetworkManager: <info>  (ttyACM0): device state change: 9 -> 3
NetworkManager: <info>  (ttyACM0): deactivating device (reason: 0).

As you can see, the ATZ gives an ERROR. Is there some work around to fix this?


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