T-Mobile IPWireless 4G (IPWireless 3G Data Modem) support

> Date: Mon, 15 Sep 2008 11:24:23 -0400
> I do admit that the "IPWireless 4G" card isn't supported yet because
> it's a slightly different beast than all the rest and isn't really GSM.
> The same was true for newer Option cards that use some proprietary
> commands to complete the connection (though that's now supported).  If
> the parts don't really support the relevant standards then they probably
> shouldn't be listed in 10-modem.fdi.
> Dan


thanks for excellent work on making networking easy. Is is still true
that this card is not supported? I think there is a lot of users here in
Czech Republic that use "T-Mobile 4G" service with this type of card. If
it's still true, is there any progress, or any workaround how to make it
work with NetworkManager? It is pain to use it through pppd scripts
because more and more applications check network status using
NetworkManager. In 10-modem.fdi there is still record:

      <!-- T-Mobile IPWireless 4G (IPWireless 3G Data Modem) -->
      <match key="@info.parent:pcmcia.card_id" int="0x200">
        <match key="@info.parent:pcmcia.manf_id" int="0x2f2">
          <match key="@info.parent:pcmcia.prod_id1" string="IPWireless">
            <match key="@info.parent:pcmcia.prod_id2" string="3G Data
              <match key="@info.parent:pcmcia.prod_id3" string="V2">
                <append key="info.capabilities"
                <append key="modem.command_sets"
                <append key="modem.command_sets"

Thanks for any suggestions.

Jaromir Talir

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