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Am Freitag, den 28.03.2008, 16:01 +0100 schrieb Andreas Neiser:
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> [I wonder why this message has not been published on the
> gmane-Newsserver yet, so I reply it by mail]
> Hi Dan,
> Dan Williams wrote:
> | Both this and re-connecting a VPN after resume from suspend/hibernate
> | would be two nice things to have.  I can think of at least two ways to
> | do this right now, but don't yet have the time.  I'd be happy to explain
> | my thoughts of somebody wanted to work on it.
> It seems (according to the mailing-list) that you are the only active
> developer of NM ;) Altough I'm quite interested in working on this
> problem, I don't have time neither (the other problem is, that I did not
> code C/C++ until now, I have only more or less experience in
> Delphi/C#/Java/Perl). Maybe you could explain some of your thoughts, and
> if I see what to do I will give it a try.
> so long
> Andreas
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especially for associating SSIDs with VPN connections I could do some
work in april too.
I also would need some general approach information from Dan, as I don't
want to code something, that does not fit in the upstream (as my
"empty-dns-info" patch").



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