Re: Google Summer of Code


On 29.03.2008 03:08 Marius-Quintus Stuebs wrote:
I'd like to participate on GSOC with a project improving networkmanager.
I've attached the first version of my proposal. It would be nice if I got some feedback, if at all my project is reasonable.
Sounds good, I dunno about recent developments in recent in this directions though. I think I remember that connection sharing and PPPoE has come up this list several times recently. You might want to crawl the archives or wait for an answer here. The ideas, however, sound very good and I'd love to have those features in NetworkManager.

The application itself looks good to me as well, though I am not a mentor myself. I hope, they find it appealing and that you can work on this during the summer given that this hasn't already been implemented.

Do others have an opinion as well? ;-)

I am still searching for a Mentor.

You might want to try gnome-soc-list gnome org as well.


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