Re: gsm support for nokia 6680


> In response to Dan blog entry about getting phone working I got
> mine on trail though it required a change from ATDT to ATD before
> the gsm number setting.

I tried this with my Nokia 6021 but it didn't help. Actually ATDT works
ok with Nokia 6021 when trying with wvdial. I think you might want to
check with wvdial, too, is it really so that your 6680 does not support

I've been trying to get connected with my 6021 but still no success,
please see (you can find a working wvdial.conf there if interested):

It is a bit strange that wvdial works and NM does not and also that
gnokii works and gnome-phone-manager does not. It may be a long shot
but could there be something fishy in a component common to NM/g-p-m
not used by wvdial/gnokii?


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