About the key checkbox

Hi everyone this is my first post, well I had a "problem" using the NetworkManager, but I didn't report it as a bug because I don't think it is one, well this is it, when you check the checkbox to show the WEP key and you change the type of encryptation (Hex,ASCII) this checkbox gets unmarked, I don't know if you did it that way or you didn't notice that, well I wanted to change it and probe it in my Ubuntu 7.10, and when I compiled using the autogen.sh form de svn i got this error

|./autogen.sh --prefix=/usr --sysconfdir=/etc --localstatedir=/var|

checking for /etc/frugalware-release... no
checking for wireless-tools >= 28pre9... no
configure: error: wireless-tools >= 28pre9 not installed or not functional

I hope you can help me thanks

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