gsm support for nokia 6680

In response to Dan blog entry about getting phone working I got mine on trail
though it required a change from ATDT to ATD before the gsm number setting.
Patch attached with the fdi file for the phone.

This comes from that I uses for a few
years and works well. It states :
# 'Call' CID=1 (activate PDP context one, perform GPRS attach):
# ATD*99***1#
# Some phones like the Orange SPV (yes, the Microsoft Smartphone) use this
# dial string to start GPRS connection:
# ATD*99#

I don't know why I don't need :
with networkmanager as I did with ppp chatscript but it works :)

NB: under debian I had to rm /var/cache/hald/fdi-cache and /etc/init.d/hal
restart before my fdi was taken into account. Maybe it ll be fixed by this
evening upgrade but it may still help other users that want to get their phone
working and use a distro with this weird bug.

Best regards

Attachment: nokia6680.fdi
Description: Binary data

Index: src/nm-gsm-device.c
--- src/nm-gsm-device.c	(révision 3370)
+++ src/nm-gsm-device.c	(copie de travail)
@@ -126,7 +126,7 @@
 	setting = NM_SETTING_GSM (gsm_device_get_setting (NM_GSM_DEVICE (device), NM_TYPE_SETTING_GSM));
-	command = g_strconcat ("ATDT", setting->number, NULL);
+	command = g_strconcat ("ATD", setting->number, NULL);
 	nm_serial_device_send_command_string (device, command);
 	g_free (command);

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