Re: gsm support for nokia 6680

On Sat, 2008-03-08 at 02:19 -0800, Daniel Qarras wrote:
> Hi,
> > In response to Dan blog entry about getting phone working I got
> > mine on trail though it required a change from ATDT to ATD before
> > the gsm number setting.
> I tried this with my Nokia 6021 but it didn't help. Actually ATDT works
> ok with Nokia 6021 when trying with wvdial. I think you might want to
> check with wvdial, too, is it really so that your 6680 does not support
> I've been trying to get connected with my 6021 but still no success,
> please see (you can find a working wvdial.conf there if interested):
> It is a bit strange that wvdial works and NM does not and also that
> gnokii works and gnome-phone-manager does not. It may be a long shot
> but could there be something fishy in a component common to NM/g-p-m
> not used by wvdial/gnokii?

No, gnome-phone-manager and NM don't share anything.  I'd think more
along the lines of init strings or something.


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