RE: ppp support

On Tue, 2008-03-04 at 10:10 +0100, PEDRO MACANAS VALVERDE wrote:
> De: Vitja Makarov Enviado el: lun 03/03/2008 18:01
> Para: PEDRO MACANAS VALVERDE; networkmanager-list
> Asunto: Re: ppp support
> >PPP objects are wrapped to dbus objects and accessible to user.
> But no GUI for now. I'm asking NM developers about collaboration,
> merging or so on. Any criticism is welcome.
> Good GUI idea. Go ahead with it.
> I would add an icon called "share this connection" via wireless
> network (WiFi).

There are actually quite a few cases for sharing, not just for wifi.
For example, you might want to share the ethernet over wifi, or you
might want to share the wifi over ethernet (think hotels with
pay-per-hour wifi).  Or you might want to share your 3G over wireless.
Or ethernet.

But I think for now, the sharing should be an explicit operation on the
part of the user.  We also probably want to alert the user about
security/information leakage if they share with a VPN connection active.


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