Re: ppp support

2008/3/3, PEDRO MACANAS VALVERDE <macanas_ped gva es>:
> You could add HSPA (GPRS is 2.5 G , UMTS is 3 G, HSDPA is 3.5 and HSUPA
>  is 3.75 G)

Is should be easy to implement as all gprs seems to be generic dialup.
ppp-manager is made to be easy extensible. it's written in gobject-style.
all the options are GObject properties. Base class is PPPDaemon
it handles communication with pppd starting/stopping and option passing
and state tracking, all events are exported via signals and so one.
PPPD plugin is made in slightly different way than NM one, it communicates
with gobject via socket(socketpair) and a pipe.

PPP objects are wrapped to dbus objects and accessible to user.
But no GUI for now. I'm asking NM developers about collaboration,
merging or so on. Any criticism is welcome.


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