Re: Nice mockup

I think you guys got to stop deciding things like this for people.

Why not make it optional? we linux users love our conf files =)

I would certainly be interested in speed, IP address, Signal Strength, and possibly Public IP address

Kos wrote:

yeah, it show a little more than needed. The wired network just has to show it's ip and his speed. (and the speed actually not necessarily, but handy). With wireless connection it is handy to know what the signal strength is, but the safety is totally unnecessarily (we should show that with a lock icon). Also the gateway with the vpn-connections are not needed.

You're right, the menu's of the status icons are more and more becoming a window for seeing and changing the (trivial) settings. And I like that idea. So you can change things with one click of your button. I think the sound icon was the first one with that feature. Just click on the icon and you can change the volume. Also the clock in ubuntu gives you a full window and in hardy heron it evens becomes a clock with the possibility of tracking more time zones. So I don't see why the network-applet has to stay behind. Especially when it can benefit off the advantages.

On Sat, Mar 1, 2008 at 12:30 AM, Pat Suwalski <pat suwalski net <mailto:pat suwalski net>> wrote:
> It shows a little more information than most users would be interested
> in at the top-level menu, don't you think?
> It seems people are more and more expecting the pop-ups that have
> classically been menus to be full windows with layouts. There is
> something to be said for simplicity.
> --Pat


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