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On Sat, 2008-03-01 at 00:03 +0100, Kos wrote:
> hey,
> I came across the following mockup
> (
> and I really liked it.
> It is clean and simple.

The applet is supposed to stay pretty simple; we shouldn't be showing
information in the applet that you don't need more than once a day.  The
mockup is interesting in that it shows a way of handling multiple
connections, which is something we're going to need to do, but I think
it's a bit too much to stuff into a menu, for example.

Brian Clark and Mike Langley did some mockups and design that I think is
more appropriate, I'd like to target a major applet redesign for the
0.7.1 timeframe.  We need to get the base of NM solid with multiple
devices for 0.7.0 itself, then work on making the applet support it.
For the 0.7.0 release the applet will be somewhat kludged.

Brian's and Mike's mockups use a window instead of a menu, because it
allows for a lot more room and isn't a confusing repurposing of a menu.
It remains to be seen whether we do a pointer grab and dismiss the
window when you click outside of it (like menus do right now) or what,
stuff just has to be iterated.

The other issue with the linked mockup is that NM doesn't operate in
_profiles_, but works on a connection-by-connection basis.  Each device
activates a connection, where the connection encapsulates the settings
that apply for that device.  More than one connection may apply to a
single device (though you can't have two active at the same time).  So
you could have a "Sharing" connection for your wireless that is Ad-Hoc
with autoip addresses, and at the same time a "T-Mobile" connection for
your WWAN card, which you're bridging to your wireless.  You don't set a
system wide "profile" that applies to all devices, because that's just
way too granular and isn't how most people work.


> I would be happy to see it implemented.
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