System Setting - Wireless - WPA - and Fedora 9

Hi guys.
I just wanted to confirm, under the above conditions, wpa will not work
with either the keyfile plugin or ifcfg-fedora plugin.

With the keyfile plugin I get...

NetworkManager: <WARN>  get_secrets_cb(): Couldn't get connection
secrets: nm-settings.c.307 - Missing implementation for
ConnectionSettings::get_secrets.. messages the message logs.

With the ifcfg-fedora plugin I get...

nm-system-settings:    ifcfg-fedora:
parsing /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-wlan0 ... 
nm-system-settings:    ifcfg-fedora:     error: Invalid IP4 prefix '0'

Can anyone confirm that these don't work yet, or is there a suspicion
I'm doing something wrong?


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