NetworkManager + WEP + static IP--no worky? (how to get 'Edit Connections' working?)

Fedora 9 (
Network Manager 0.7.0-0.9.4 (and 0.7 related NM widgets).
iwl3945 on Dell D820

Network Manager & nm-applet (gnome)  generally works well for me for both wired and wireless networks (with WEP and WPA) while using DHCP.

I do have one network with a hidden SSID that requires WEP with 128 hex key BUT manually assigned IPs.

The 070 series of NM stuff claims support for specifying static IPs. And nm-applet has an 'edit connections' option that starts "nm-connection-editor". This editor allows you to specify more stuff about a connection (including static IPs and gateways, and DNS stuff). COOL -- just what I need!

BUT -- if you edit or add a connection using this tool. HOW DO YOU TELL NM and NM-applet to use these connection settings?

In my case with the WEP & static IP -- I get the WEP part OK -- but NM insists on DHCP (as seen via /var/log/message) even though I have a connection that says don't use DHCP and use this IP etc.......

Further when I add connections with nm-connection-editor - there is no widget or indicator in nm-applet to 'pick' this connection for use (when you l-click on nm-applet).

Does the static-ip stuff in NM actually work? If so, what am i doing wrong?

Any help would be appreciated....

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