Wireless + wired connection


After one month, I am still puzzled ! Well, let's explain the situation. I have a laptop running XUbuntu, including nm 0.6.5.

At work, I have a wired connection with a static IP, that I configured manually (eth0 interface), and saved the configuration in "Work". At home, I have a wireless connection, using DHCP, that I configured first in "roaming mode" and later manually (eth1 interface), and saved this configuration in "Home".

Hence, switching from one place to another place, I have to manually select which configuration I want to use.

Are there any other more clever configuration ? Ideally, I'd like nm to detect what interface should be activated !

Please, answer also to my e-mail address, since I'm not subscriber to the list.

Nicolas Ferre'
Laboratoire Chimie Provence
Universite' de Provence - France
Tel: +33 391282733

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