Profiles (with gnome)

Hi all

This is the first time I'm really in a mailing list and the first time I
speak :)

I'm on the list since 04-Jan-2008 and because I never seen anything
about this topic I boring you with this.

My situation is with my laptop. I use at home, at work and some other
places where my connections are very different. I'll show some cases:
      * at work:
              * eth0 (wired): static public IP
              * eth1 (wireless): OFF
      * at cyber-garage:
              * eth0: static private IP
              * eth1: OFF
      * at home:
              * eth0: OFF
              * eth1: WPA-TKIP

I'm using Ubuntu Gutsy with Gnome 2.20 and stock NetworkManager 0.6.5.
To solve my problem/situation I have configured some profiles in Gnome
Network Administration Tool (seen screenshot).

What I would like a lot is to be able to choose the profile right from
the nm-applet context menu. I think this should be more easily
accomplish adding the profile capability in NetworkManager so it becomes
a world available feature.

Thanks for the excellent tool that make our World a little better!

(hope this was the right place to talk about this)

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