Re: Wireless + wired connection

On Thu, 2008-01-31 at 17:06 +0100, Nicolas Ferré wrote:
> Hi,
> After one month, I am still puzzled ! Well, let's explain the situation. 
> I have a laptop running XUbuntu, including nm 0.6.5.
> At work, I have a wired connection with a static IP, that I configured 
> manually (eth0 interface), and saved the configuration in "Work".
> At home, I have a wireless connection, using DHCP, that I configured 
> first in "roaming mode" and later manually (eth1 interface), and saved 
> this configuration in "Home".
> Hence, switching from one place to another place, I have to manually 
> select which configuration I want to use.
> Are there any other more clever configuration ? Ideally, I'd like nm to 
> detect what interface should be activated !

"Roaming mode" and "manual mode" are an Ubuntu specific patch that hides
a network interface from NetworkManager when that interface is in
"manual" mode, and therefore by definition isn't something that
NetworkManager can control.  You'll probably get better results by
asking on Ubuntu lists and forums.


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