[PATCH] Re: NM & NetScreen VPN

Hi all,

>> Yay!  vpnc now has options for the specific vendor you're trying to talk
>> to.  That just makes me sad :(  No, NM vpnc plugin doesn't support that
>> option yet...
> The culprit is nm_vpnc_properties_validate() in nm-vpnc-service.c
> Dan we should probably remove that check, since it prevents people from
> adding custom options with gconf-editor. either that or update the list
> of valid vpnc properties(valid_properties[] array) but that seems like a
> higher-maintenance option...

I asked few weeks ago about "Vendor" support in the vpnc plugin in NM.
So I finally implemented it this evening :) I attached the patch to this
e-mail. I hope you will find it useful.

1/ I patched the Debian source package (0.6.4svn2806-1) and not the
latest Subversion version. I'm really sorry about this but it was a way
easier for me. So my patch contains 02_add_disable_natt_and_1des.diff
too. This patch is from the Debian package.

2/ You will need to add { "Vendor", OPT_TYPE_ASCII } to allowed_opts[]
in nm-vpnc-service.c. This is also from the Debian package.

3/ The patch adds a new combobox in the "required" tab of the dialog.
You can choose "Cisco" or "Netscreen". This will set the appropriate
"Vendor" option. Mmmhh... I set the "Vendor" option to "cisco" if Cisco
is selected. This should probaby default to no "Vendor" option for
compatibility with old vpnc release.

4/ In order to connect to a Juniper firewall, I need to set the DFS to
dh2. I set this property too if netscreen is selected. This is a dirty
hack and this option should be configurable too.

5/ I'm not really a C programmer. I never wrote a single line of GTK+
code and never used Glade before (nice tool btw). So please don't blame
me ;) In any case, I had a lot of fun to hack a bit on this :)

If you think this feature/option should be included into the official
tree, I can rewrite the patch for the latest 0.6 branch. Just let me know ;)


Cyril Jaquier

P.S. Soren, sorry for the spam, but maybe you have something to say
about this or could find this patch useful.

Attachment: add_vendor_and_add_disable_natt_and_1des.diff.bz2
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