Re: NM causes network to go down

Dan Williams skrev:
On Wed, 2008-01-30 at 22:34 +0100, Bjørge Solli wrote:
See I was a bit unclear. NM may take the network down as long as it takes it up again. I have network login and if no network is available noone can log in.

The strange thing is that I cannot even log in as root (not in gdm nor in text console), I had to reboot into runlevel 1 to do a chkconfig NetworkManager off! I really don't understand why root was denied as network is not needed for that.

Until the system settings stuff is available (which is what I'm working
on right now) for Fedora 8 and rawhide, somebody must log so that the
applet is available to provide NetworkManager with the connections that
NM is allowed to activate.  Essentially, something must provide the
org.freedesktop.NetworkManagerSettings D-Bus service, and the only thing
that currently does that is nm-applet or knetworkmanager, which only run
when somebody logs in.
Ok. Any timeline for the settings stuff? Untill you have that ready I guess using ldap and network home disk (cifs) won't work after starting NM.

Do you also have an idea as to why starting NM prevents root from logging in?

- while trying to set up a centrally managed linux-laptop system for University of Bergen, Norway.

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