Update to 0.7.0 problems.

Running Fedora 8. Automatic updates fired today when I logged on and among the updates was a whole series for NetworkManager. From the /var/log/messages:

Jan 26 14:22:09 Epsilon yum: Updated: NetworkManager-glib - 1:0.7.0-0.6.7.svn3204.fc8.i386 Jan 26 14:22:14 Epsilon yum: Updated: NetworkManager - 1:0.7.0-0.6.7.svn3204.fc8.i386 Jan 26 14:23:30 Epsilon yum: Updated: NetworkManager-openvpn - 1:0.7.0-6.svn3169.fc8.i386 Jan 26 14:23:35 Epsilon yum: Updated: NetworkManager-gnome - 1:0.7.0-0.6.7.svn3204.fc8.i386

Upon reboot, NM will no longer make the wi-fi connection to my router(wlan0). It says that the network connection has been disconnected and then just sits there. There doesn't seem to be anything I can do via the applet to affect the operation.

Browsing the log/messages: after the update, the system was rebooted. I see in the log the messages about shutting down the wlan0 interface, but when the system rebooted, there is NO mention of wlan0 in the log. Looks like for some reason, wlan0 has been lost.

The router is a Kyocera KR1. I am running it with a 128 bit WEP key. Nothing has changed on the router side, only the update to NM.

Any idea what's going on? Everything was working perfectly before the update this afternoon.


Bill Lee

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