Re: Update to 0.7.0 problems.

On Sat, 26 Jan 2008, Bill Lee wrote:

Browsing the log/messages: after the update, the system was rebooted. I
see in the log the messages about shutting down the wlan0 interface, but
when the system rebooted, there is NO mention of wlan0 in the log. Looks
like for some reason, wlan0 has been lost.

The router is a Kyocera KR1. I am running it with a 128 bit WEP key.
Nothing has changed on the router side, only the update to NM.

Any idea what's going on? Everything was working perfectly before the
update this afternoon.

NetworkManager is not the problem.  The updates installed a new kernel -  The new kernel doesn't have a driver for wlan0.  You don't
mention what you wlan device is (router is irrelevant).  One guess
might be that you are using ndiswrapper, because it is a Broadcom or
other proprietary device.  Ndiswrapper has not been updated on
for the new kernel yet.  You can reboot and select your previous kernel
to see if that fixes your problem.  To make the previous kernel permanent
(until livna is updated), edit /etc/grub.conf as root and change the default.

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