Re: manual mode options

On Fri, 2008-01-25 at 20:52 +0100, fabio segale tiscali it wrote:
> Hi 
> At work I have a wireless network with static address  and wpa-psk
> protection but and don't broadcast the  ssid. So I've configured nm in
> manual mode to use the statical ip and save this profile/location but
> to work I'have to add manualy in the file /etc/network/interface the
> options wpa-scan-ssid 1!!

What you really want to do is get your distro to apply the "scan
capabilities" patch to their kernel, and then backport the NM scan
capabilities patch to your distro's NM version.


>  It's possible save this option in the profile/location of nm and
> where nm save/store the configuration of the manual profiles, I know
> that in roaming save the parameters in gconf  at
> system/networking/wireless/networks/SSID but where in manual mode???
> thnx everyone
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