Re: Problem with latest libnl 1.0 release (versioning mess)

* Michael Biebl <biebl debian org> 2008-01-10 22:53
> Thomas released libnl 1.0 today and I just noticed that this will make 
> PKG_CHECK_MODULES fail, because 1.0 < 1.0-pre8.
> This means, NM in it's current state (and other projects that use a 
> versioned pkg-config check for libnl) will fail to ./configure and compile.
> So what should we do about this mess?
> Imho it would be easiest if Thomas just released 1.1 right away but I'm 
> open for other suggestions.

I have no objections to releasing 1.1 immediately. There was a
serious bug reported today which calls for a new release anyway.

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