Re: iwlwifi3945 and WPA-EAP LEAP

On Wed, 2008-01-09 at 20:56 -0500, Brian Long wrote:
> On Jan 9, 2008 12:10 PM, Dan Williams <dcbw redhat com> wrote:
>         > > Ok; this is a driver/kernel bug such that there is not
>         enough
>         > > information for NetworkManager to be able to tell the
>         driver how to find
>         > > your hidden SSID.  
> <snip> 
>         Yes, the patch will be going upstream and is scheduled for
>         2.6.25.  It's
>         something that distros should backport if they want better
>         hidden SSID
>         handling.
> <snip> 
>         For Fedora, for example, I'm going to push out the NM update
>         that
>         recognizes the new scan capabilities, and I'm going to work
>         with the
>         Fedora kernel wireless maintainer to backport the kernel scan
>         capability 
>         patch, which should fix the problem for Fedora users.  For
>         other
>         distros, they will either have to do the same, or else that
>         distros
>         package maintainer will have to patch NM to do driver matching
>         like some
>         currently do.
> Dan,
> Do you think this will fix the TKIP issue brought up by Kevin and
> myself earlier this week?   Our workplace is using a hidden SSID which
> worked with 0.6.5 but is now broken with 0.7.0.  I think we assumed it
> was a TKIP issue, but it may just be the hidden SSID issue you
> mention. 

Likely, yes.  You can test the difference by setting up a wpa_supplicant
config file and doing a wpa_supplicant run manually (disable NM first),
and the only change is to use ap_scan=1 or ap_scan=2.  iwlwifi will fail
with ap_scan=2, but work with ap_scan=1 (and scan_ssid=1 in the network


> If John L. rolls a test kernel with fixes (I assume he's the wireless
> maintainer you mention), I'd be glad to try it out before it hits
> fedora-testing or updates.
> Thanks!
> /Brian/

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