Re: iwlwifi3945 and WPA-EAP LEAP

On Jan 9, 2008 12:10 PM, Dan Williams <dcbw redhat com> wrote:

> > Ok; this is a driver/kernel bug such that there is not enough
> > information for NetworkManager to be able to tell the driver how to find
> > your hidden SSID. 
Yes, the patch will be going upstream and is scheduled for 2.6.25.  It's
something that distros should backport if they want better hidden SSID

For Fedora, for example, I'm going to push out the NM update that
recognizes the new scan capabilities, and I'm going to work with the
Fedora kernel wireless maintainer to backport the kernel scan capability
patch, which should fix the problem for Fedora users.  For other
distros, they will either have to do the same, or else that distros
package maintainer will have to patch NM to do driver matching like some
currently do.


Do you think this will fix the TKIP issue brought up by Kevin and myself earlier this week?   Our workplace is using a hidden SSID which worked with 0.6.5 but is now broken with 0.7.0.  I think we assumed it was a TKIP issue, but it may just be the hidden SSID issue you mention.

If John L. rolls a test kernel with fixes (I assume he's the wireless maintainer you mention), I'd be glad to try it out before it hits fedora-testing or updates.



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