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Thanks for your reply. In Fedora/sugar the mesh and wireless work fine. I forgot to mention that I have installed Debian and am using that. In general, if a computer has 2 wireless adaptors, is there a way to tell nm which one to use. (Or if not, in Linux, how can an adaptor be disabled so nm won't attempt to use it?)

Harrison Metzger

On Jan 7, 2008 12:39 PM, Dan Williams <dcbw redhat com> wrote:
On Mon, 2008-01-07 at 11:04 -0600, Harrison Metzger wrote:
> Hello,
> I purchased the XO (OLPC $100 laptop) through the give one get one
> program. It has 2 wireless interfaces, msh0 for mesh networking, and
> eth0 the normal wireless interface. When I start network manager, it
> only uses msh0 as the wireless adaptor, and therefore, I see no
> networks. Is there a way to explicitly tell network manager which
> wireless network interface to use.

You can click the appropriate circle in the Mesh View, either click an
existing AP, or click a circle for Mesh 1/6/11.  NetworkManager will, by
default, look through all mesh channels first for a school server, after
which it will fall back to an AP you've previously connected to.  If
none of those are found, it will try an XO-as-Mesh-Portal on each mesh
channel, then finally fall back to Mesh Channel 1 in a peer-to-peer mesh

You should definitely see wireless access points in Mesh View though
after it's booted up.

What build # are you running, and can you report the output of, from a
root terminal, '/sbin/iwlist eth0 scan' ?


> Below is the output of nm-tool:
> NetworkManager Tool
> State: disconnected
> - Device: msh0
> ----------------------------------------------------------------
>   NM Path:           /org/freedesktop/NetworkManager/Devices/msh0
>   Type:              802.11 Wireless
>   Driver:            usb
>   Active:            no
>   HW Address:        00:17:C4:11:03:EA
>   Capabilities:
>     Supported:       yes
>     Speed:           11 Mb/s
>   Wireless Settings
>     Scanning:        yes
>     WEP Encryption:  yes
>     WPA Encryption:  yes
>     WPA2 Encryption: yes
>   Wireless Networks (* = Current Network)
> If network manager can't choose between wireless adaptors, is there a
> wat to disable an interface so network manager can't choose it.
> Harrison Metzger
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