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On Mon, 2008-01-07 at 11:04 -0600, Harrison Metzger wrote:
> Hello,
> I purchased the XO (OLPC $100 laptop) through the give one get one
> program. It has 2 wireless interfaces, msh0 for mesh networking, and
> eth0 the normal wireless interface. When I start network manager, it
> only uses msh0 as the wireless adaptor, and therefore, I see no
> networks. Is there a way to explicitly tell network manager which
> wireless network interface to use. 

You can click the appropriate circle in the Mesh View, either click an
existing AP, or click a circle for Mesh 1/6/11.  NetworkManager will, by
default, look through all mesh channels first for a school server, after
which it will fall back to an AP you've previously connected to.  If
none of those are found, it will try an XO-as-Mesh-Portal on each mesh
channel, then finally fall back to Mesh Channel 1 in a peer-to-peer mesh

You should definitely see wireless access points in Mesh View though
after it's booted up.

What build # are you running, and can you report the output of, from a
root terminal, '/sbin/iwlist eth0 scan' ?


> Below is the output of nm-tool:
> NetworkManager Tool
> State: disconnected
> - Device: msh0
> ----------------------------------------------------------------
>   NM Path:           /org/freedesktop/NetworkManager/Devices/msh0 
>   Type:              802.11 Wireless
>   Driver:            usb
>   Active:            no
>   HW Address:        00:17:C4:11:03:EA
>   Capabilities:
>     Supported:       yes
>     Speed:           11 Mb/s
>   Wireless Settings
>     Scanning:        yes
>     WEP Encryption:  yes
>     WPA Encryption:  yes
>     WPA2 Encryption: yes
>   Wireless Networks (* = Current Network)
> If network manager can't choose between wireless adaptors, is there a
> wat to disable an interface so network manager can't choose it. 
> Harrison Metzger
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