Problems with TKIP?


I'm running the latest NM from Fedora 8 updates-testing (svn3138).  I
noticed that there seems to be a regression from svn3109 as regards

While running 3109 I could connect to my home Linksys Access Point
which was configured to use WPA Personal with TKIP.  After upgrading I
could no longer connect to the AP - it just repreatedly asked me for
my passphrase.  On a whim I decided to modify my AP settings to WPA
Personal with AES - I was instantly connected!

At this point I had another leap of intuition - I could not get
wireless access to work at my office (only tried using 3138) the
network in the office uses PEAP with TKIP (connecting by hand with
wpa_supplicant worked).  This leads me to suspect that there is a
regression in the NM TKIP code in a recent SVN update.

Before I open a bug can anyone else confirm this?



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