NetworkManager core daemon moved to git


The NetworkManager core daemon (the "NetworkManager" svn repository) has
been moved to

Since both the applet and the VPN daemons still require translation,
they still live at  The VPN daemons have been moved from
inside the NetworkManager repository to their own top-level repositories
at  All development of the core daemon's 0.6 branch, the
0.7 branch, and 0.8/trunk will happen in the git repositories at  Again, the applet and VPN daemons will continue to
live in gnome SVN for the time being.

Using git will allow us to, for example, quickly develop targeted
features and fixes in topic branches, and integrate them when they are
ready and pass tests with flying colors.  We can more easily prototype
things to see if they are good ideas, or if they are even feasible in
the first place.  It's faster to checkout and update that Subversion.
git cures cancer too.

git clone git://

svn co svn://

NetworkManager VPN daemons
svn co svn://
svn co svn://
svn co svn://

Please let me know if anything seems to have gone missing during the conversion.


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