Re: NetworkManager core daemon moved to git

Hi Dan,

> The NetworkManager core daemon (the "NetworkManager" svn repository) has
> been moved to
> Since both the applet and the VPN daemons still require translation,
> they still live at  The VPN daemons have been moved from
> inside the NetworkManager repository to their own top-level repositories
> at  All development of the core daemon's 0.6 branch, the
> 0.7 branch, and 0.8/trunk will happen in the git repositories at
>  Again, the applet and VPN daemons will continue to
> live in gnome SVN for the time being.
> Using git will allow us to, for example, quickly develop targeted
> features and fixes in topic branches, and integrate them when they are
> ready and pass tests with flying colors.  We can more easily prototype
> things to see if they are good ideas, or if they are even feasible in
> the first place.  It's faster to checkout and update that Subversion.
> git cures cancer too.
> NetworkManager 
> -----------------------------
> git clone git://

are you 100% sure you wanna screw up the authorship of the commits like

commit 0f8c3fb9ec15366b359a83737b88e47ff7d79a14
Author: dcbw <dcbw 4912f4e0-d625-0410-9fb7-b9a5a253dbdc>
Date:   Tue Dec 9 19:47:10 2008 +0000

You can have git-svn convert this into nice Dan Williams
<dcbw redhat com> author details.

Also the git-daemon-export-ok doesn't belong in the top-level directory.
You might wanna check on how you actually create repositories on remote
servers. Create a bare repository with shared access on the server and
then only put the git-daemon-export-ok there. You don't have to commit

So I create my repositories with this tiny command:

	env GIT_DIR="/your/repo.git" git init --shared=group

This should create yourself a bare repository with no checkouts. And
then you convert your tree locally and just push it into that empty



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