Re: Network Manager fails to connect to a network when a static IP is in use

2008/8/1 Dan Williams <dcbw redhat com>

Happiness usually doesn't involve manual network configuration and NFS
though :)

No, it does not, indeed. ;) I am sure we will make it happen in the foreseeable future :)

In any case, NM 0.7 should handle static IPs fine.  For 0.6.6, it
depends on whether your distro has written a backend correctly.

Bad news:
Name: NetworkManager
Version: 0.7.0.r3685-7.1
Arch: i586
It looks like my NM 0.7 does not handle static IP correctly. Do you think it can be an openSUSE problem? Do you recommend me letting openSUSE team know about that?



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