Network Manager fails to connect to a network when a static IP is in use


I suppose I found a problem concerning Network Manager. I have a laptop which connects via WIFI to a small home network. The laptop runs openSUSE 11.0:

> uname --all
Linux portatilgris #1 SMP 2008-07-13 20:48:28 +0200 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux

WIFI hardware is Intel 3945ABG. Laptop make is HP 530.
Network Manager Applet ver. 0.7.0

The laptop needs a static IP in order to have access to a fileserver. When I try to configure static IP address with a help of Gnome Network Manager Applet, I cannot connect to the network then. It looks like the Network Manager fails to write a proper DNS address into resolv file. To be more specific, the file it writes is empty. The same happens when I try to configure static IP address via Yast.
The only workaround of the problem I found is to choose ifup as a network manager for the laptop.

It is also very annoying that it takes several second for the Network Manager to connect to a network. It is very sad because previous version of the Netwok Manager seems to connect much faster to the same network.

Is there any solution to the Network Manager problem or do I have to use ifup?


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