Re: Network Manager fails to connect to a network when a static IP is in use

On Fri, Aug 1, 2008 at 1:18 PM, Sebastian <sebastian gorzkiepole pl> wrote:
> The laptop needs a static IP in order to have access to a fileserver. When I
> try to configure static IP address with a help of Gnome Network Manager
> Applet, I cannot connect to the network then. It looks like the Network
> Manager fails to write a proper DNS address into resolv file. To be more
> specific, the file it writes is empty.

Could you please be more specific describing how you did that? Could
you try to create a new connection, fill in all the information there
and make a note of each step? Also, please attach the NM log file
(/var/log/NetworkManager) of the time when you try to activate the
newly created connection and fails to produce usable /etc/resolv.conf.

>The same happens when I try to
> configure static IP address via Yast.

Static IP configuration from yast is in a terrible state. The main
cause of this is that when you configure DNS information in yast, it
only saves it in /etc/resolv.conf. That means that if you use NM with
DHCP on any device, the information filled with yast is lost forever.
There are hacky work arounds to make it possible, but if you use
NetworkManager on suse, I'd suggest to remove all the network device
configuration in yast and use NM exclusively. (and yes, we are trying
to improve the situation).

> It is also very annoying that it takes several second for the Network
> Manager to connect to a network. It is very sad because previous version of
> the Netwok Manager seems to connect much faster to the same network.

This is more likely caused by the new driver for your card (opensuse
10.3 had a different driver from 11.0).


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