Re: Network Manager fails to connect to a network when a static IP is in use

Thanks for the hint.
However, I need a static IP to have access to a NFS file server. DHCP server is a hardware device (router/WIFI) and I have no idea how to make it keep the same IP address for the laptop.

Besides, I thought this was exactly NetworkManager designed for. When I need to connect my laptop to a network where a static IP is needed I just configure my laptop with NetworkManager. Pure and simple, to make users' life easier and make them happy running Linux.

I think I would wait until the problem will be successfully solved rather than use any workarounds (The easiest would be just to switch to ifup). I thought I found a bug which developers of NetworkManager may find interesting. If so, I can provide any information to support them working on the solution.

Please expect logs and answers to previous questions in my next post.

2008/8/1 Stuart Ward <stuart ward bcs org>
Wouldent a better solution be to configure your DHCP server to give the laptop the correct address rather than use static IP address on the laptop.

To do this create a subnet clause in dhcpd.conf with a:
hardware ethernet 0:0:c0:5d:bd:95;
Clause in it.

Then you dont need to change anything when you use the laptop somewhere else.

-- Stuart Ward M +44 7782325143

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